Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kellen Emily Burger 6-21-08

This is our good friends Ryan and Carly. She was due 2 months after I was. She went into labor this weekend a month early. Everyone is doing fine and the baby is very precious. Hard to believe that Aleyse was once that tiny. She is huge compared to Kellen. I was a little bummed cause we were not home to help them celebrate the birth of their beautiful daughter. We did get a text(pic) message from Ryan mins after she gave birth. I was happy to be woke up in the middle of the night to find out everyone was healthy and happy. I guess you never know when to be prepared for a baby. They can come anytime!!

Tomah WI, Tractor Pull

These are a few random pics of our trip to Tomah. We had a very successful trip up there. It took us 11 hours to get there but we finally made it. The kids slept most of the ride their and back. This was Aleyse's first trip out of Ohio. Many many more to come. David was suppost to pull on Fri evening but we got rained out. So our first pull was Sun afternoon. Their were 13 tractors in the class. We were about the 9th puller to pull. Nobody had a full pull till David came along. He had a repeat from last year. His first pull was 322. Full pull is 310. So he smoked it out the end. Then the last puller made a full pull. So that meant a pull off. Well needless to say we beat him by alot. So that made us the winners 2 years in a row. They always do a presentation to the winners, but there was rain coming. So I could not get pics of how proud we all were.
The kids were angels all weekend. I know for a fact they love tractor pulls already. Well at least Devin does for sure. Aleyse will in time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First pull for Aleyse!

You be the judge and see how close they resemble each other. No denying they are brother and sister. Aleyse is the bottom pic and she is 7 weeks and Devin is the other pic he was 6 months.

Semi almost finished!

The semi was finished enough to go down the road for the first pull. The water and toilet are not hooked up but we managed. We also have a living quarters in the trailor with all the ammenities. All of us Sieferts got Denny a TV for father's day. So we hung it in the semi. Now Devin can watch John Deere while we are traveling to the pulls. I tried to get a decent pic of the semi and trailor. I took it at the tractor pull. I think David and Denny did a good job on the semi. It was nice to have a little more room going down the road.

T.P. time

Summer is here well almost. That means tractor pulling time. If you all know me well you know that we love tractor pulling!! Our first pull of the season was on Sat. It was in Wilmington OH. There were 11 tractors there and we got 5th place. Denny drove the tractor that was the first time in a year and 8 months since his chemo and surgery. We were all a little nervous and antsy for him, but he got the boost up and went. This also meant that this was Aleyse's first pull and long trip on the road. She weathered very well and even slept through papa's pull. She fell asleep at 10 and slept till 4:30. Considering it was a late night since the pull did not get over with till 12:00a.m. My family even came down to watch us pull. The kids had so much fun together. Now we will be gearin up for the big pull this weekend. It is in Tomah WS. Yes I will be taking both kiddos. When I go back to work I will not be going pullin. That means I will go to all I can since I'm still on maternity leave. Watch for the next post I will post a pic of Devin and Aleyse their first time pulling.

The picture of Devin(sitting by himself in the green chair) was how he was all day and night rooting on all the pullers. I think that picture is priceless.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update on Aleyse

I know what you all are thinking enough with the pics of Devin and the Semi. So I enjoyed taking some of Aleyse the other day. I managed a couple of good one. You be the judge!! I think she is pretty cute myself. I love all the pink! She weighs around 9 lbs and sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours a night. I can't complain about that. Although Devin has been sick the last day and a half. He woke me up before she did last night. So needless to say I was up about 3 hours in the middle of the night last night. Well better get something else done while the kids are sleeping.

Fun in the Sun!

Since it has been so hot I thought a little pool would be fun to play in. Devin really enjoyed it so much it even wore him out after he was all done.

Fun with their cousins

These were taken last Fri when Darren and Cassie came to visit for the week. They had loads of fun together. I personally love the one with them in their cool dude shades!

Toter-home coming along!

First pull is this weekend. Semi has to be done by Sat. That is if we ever get the tractor back. David is working on the semi right now as I type. He is adding the generator to it. The pics are of window placing, the windows are not in cause they were bent, toilet room, & black door painted. Pic of the outside were the windows will be and the lights in the semi. I think it is coming along just fine. Oh and one more thing Denny laid the carpet the other day, not sure if you can see it. You be the judge and let me know how it is coming along. Leave comments!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fun day @ the park

I think I was long over due for blogging! Next time I won't wait as long. This was Aleyse first trip to the park. It was beautiful out yesterday unlike today. Aunt Chelwy(chels) came home. So we ate some lunch and packed up and walked to the park. We had a good time and Aleyse never fussed once. We even stopped at the dairy queen on the way home. We also ran into aunt Donna and her doggy Kiara. The pic of Devin walking Kiara is adorable.

painting complete

The outside is almost complete. Still have to add a few graphics or decals, but the outside is painted. All day Sun Ryan, Scotty, and David painted the Semi. I think they did a good job. Since it is raining out today David plans on working on the semi all day.

Semi renovations

Since we have a bigger family now we needed more room in the semi. We would have had to drive seperate to all the pulls. We travel so far that we decided to make it a toterhome. David purchased the back of a box truck and cut it in half. These pics are just half of the renovations. As you can see it is not painted and no windows yet. They have the plumbing ready for the potty and counter ready for the sink. The walls and the ceiling are done too. David even added speakers on the ceiling. The wall above the cab we are adding a flat screen for the road. We are purchasing one for Denny to give him for father's day. So we will be watching tractor pulling and john deere to all the pulls. I think it is looking pretty neat. Can't wait to see the final project.

This past weekend

This was Aleyse first road trip of more than an hour. I went all by myself to Seth and Karen's. Devin stayed down there for the night. He was spoiled rotten. He had fun with Macy as you can tell from the pics. He even made a mess out of their TV room.
Karen and I even found a garage sale to go to. This lady had all girl clothes. I bought $22 worth of clothes. Even a cute bathing suit. That has been my big spending on Aleyse so far. I have yet to go clothes shopping for her. Everyone else has done it for me.

My Flowers

I picked my baskets first then go with that color scheme. Bright pink, light pink, and white. David had Devin one morning so I decided to plant them then. In between the phone ringing and tending to Aleyse I managed to get them planted. I planted a whole flat by our tree also.