Sunday, December 31, 2006

Fall ( Sept and Oct)

Devin was loads of fun at 9-10 months. He started to crawl at age 10 months. So he really got around. He is clowning around with our doggy Molly. Also he was our little pumkin for Halloween.

More summer time fun!!

More running and fun. The one pic is our boat we bought half with our friends Ryan and Carly Burger in the spring of 05. We did not have alot of time to go boating because of tractor pulls. But when we did we would take it over to David's G-pa Hatchers 10 acre pond. The other pic is of David, Devin and Ryan at IL tractor pull. Lounging in the shade. Finally the last pic is of us at the Toledo Zoo. I finally got to go to the zoo for the very first time and Devin too. We had a blast went with my sister (Danell) and her two kids(Cassie and Darren).

June July & August

This Summer was filled with alot of excitement and travel for us. My father-in-law Dennis and David have a John Deere pulling tractor. They traveled all over the country side. Anywhere from KY, IN, IL, NC, MI, WI, MO, TN, and many in Ohio. Devin and I traveled as much as we could, considering I had to work. We went to IN, IL, TN, and Ohio. Devin really enjoyed the pulls. The noise never bothered him at all. He wears his ear phones. We will see how long he keeps them on this coming year at the pulls.

March, April and May

Here are a few pictures of Devin. The first one is of him dressed up for Easter.
Second one is of him sleeping in his bouncy seat.
He liked to sleep alot when he was younger.
The third pic is of him swimming in his Papa & Mama Sieferts pool. We started taken him swimming at a young age (2 weeks)!! Here he is 5 months. He now enjoys swimming.

Review of 2005 & 2006

This year has been filled with so much excitement. We were blessed with a precious baby boy in December 2005 Devin William Siefert. So needless to say it has been a busy year.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our world

We now have a son in double digits. He is 10 months old already. Scary!! He is growing daily and doing new things. He is our pride and joy. Not sure what life was like before Devin. Seems like it has been so long.
David and I still stay busy. Tractor pulling, boating(which we did not get to do that much this year), spending time with family and friends. There is a lot more but I would fill the whole page. Most of all spend time lounging and playing with Devin.