Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Now isn't that what you call a big shot. The picture does show how big it is compared to Devin.

Now who could pass that up??

The other pic is Devin with Daddy's slippers on.

18 month pics

Been so busy lately forgot to post his newest pics. Had them taken about a month ago already. They were so cute had to buy all of them. The beach scene one I purchased what is called a big shot. I will have to stand it beside Devin so you can see how big it really it.

Still all about Devin!

Just had to share these pics. He now poses for the camera!! He thinks he is so cute, wait he is!!

All about Devin

The whole weekend is based around Devin and how goofy he is. He is such a blast to have and was good all weekend. Ate very well and took very long naps. Can't complain! First two pics are Devin's new friends. All the kids love him even though he is alot younger than they are. They are from MO there dad is the one that got Third place Fri night. They are nice people too. We had a big cookout at there trailor Fri night. All of Davids class came over and ate it was a good time and good food.
Other pics are of Devin playing with the bugs. He loves bugs even touches them. GROSS! Oh well he is a boy he will do things I don't like! The bugs down in TN are tremondisly big.
The last pic is Devin getting ready to cheer for Daddy Sat night. Needless to say he made a full pull, but broke in the pull off. So the engine is back down at the shop. Hopefully will get fixed for the weekend. Then off to the next pull. GO GREEN!

Fri night @ the pull

Fri night was a good night. David was first to hook for the night and he went 299. 310 is a full pull. So he was close. As first puller of his class he has the option to drop to the end or keep his hook. He choose to keep it. The first pic is of him pulling. Hard to see cause we were at the end of the track. But he had a excellent run. He got second place. He was beat by 1 foot basically. Right at the end of the class. So we thought he had it in the bag till his buddy pulled from IN. The last pic is of the guy that won. He is David's age and pulls a John Deere also. Very nice people. The other pics are of David walking to the winners circle with the third and first place winners. The rest of the pics I will post separately

Chapel Hill TN

Thurs night we left for Chapel Hill TN. That is where we went for a Super National Tractor pull. Fri night and Sat night David pulled. We had a blast down there. I always choose to go to that one cause the southern hospitality is the best. Devin is sporting his jammies in the semi on the way down. He was watching John Deere his favorite movies. The other pics are just random pics at the pull. We were parked beside Deikmans they live in Ohio. So we may see them at some other pulls. I bought Devin a bubble blower so they were chasing bubbles.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Later that night they had fireworks right after David had won. So that was a nice way to celebrate! I just happened to get David and Devin watching. It can't get any better than that. A win with the tractor, beautiful weather, and fireworks to end the night!

Just Having Fun!

Devin having fun at the pull. He was playing peek-a-boo with aunt Karen and uncle Seth.


As you can see Tractor pulling can be dangerous also. That is why I get so scared when David pulls!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Devin's new Buddy

When we got there Friday afternoon there were a few spots left in the infield. We decided to pull in there. Well they had just got 2 inches of rain so of course we got stuck. Well we managed to get pulled into a spot. With a John Deere!! So another puller parked beside us. They had a little boy named Matthew 19 months. Devin is 18 months. So they got along and played well together. They even shared there toys. Devin is excited to meet up with Matthew again and play.
Karen and Seth even came down Sat. to watch the pull along with there dog Macy. The kids loved the dog.
All weekend Devin was riding his little john deere tractor(acting like his daddy)! Full Pull!!
The first night David pulled and got fifth place. Not bad for working on the tractor till 3am thurs morning then finally leaving fri at 10am. They worked there tail ends off. Thanks to everyone that helped. Then Sat night David pulled again, he was first to hook in the class and pulled a 280. They decided to lighten the sled. So he dropped to the last of the class. There were 9 in the class. The leader had went 292.8. So that was magic number to beat. Well no one had pulled that far. Finally Renegade Deere was up. Well there was no smoke in the staging area. We were a little discouraged sitting in the stands. Hoping nothing was wrong after all that hard work. The announcer then said renegade deere is back working hard trying to get it fixed. Finally some smoke. David was pulled up to the sled with the tracker. He started it and away he went. The announcer then said it is close. 293.1 So he beat him by inches. I was so excited!! I saw him win his 2nd grand national pull ever. He won the weekend before at Tomah WS. One of the biggest pulls of the season. He even got his pic in the New York Times. I get to excited when he pulls I never can get a good picture. I'm to nervous! Maybe next time.

Devin's first pull of the year

We left Friday and went down to southern Ohio to Georgtown. Devin was in all the whole time. Everything he looked at or heard he would say oh and ah!! He was such a good boy. Can't wait for the next one!! This pic was of him watching the pull the first night. Go Green that is what he is thinking!!