Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby update

Went last Thursday to the doctors. Everything seems too be going just fine. My ultrasound went well a couple of weeks ago too. Baby measured fine. I am now 32 weeks along and measuring at 30 weeks. The doc said the baby may just be tiny but everything else is fine so far. Besides my ankles swelling up. Still trying to decide on some names. You would think we would already have some but without knowing the sex you have to come up with a boy and girl name. Can be difficult when you don't agree.

Egg Hunt

Just some cute pics of the kids out in the cold cold weather picking up their eggs. Just like last year we had to wear mittens and boots. I even had his snow pants on him. I hope next year the weather can be alot warmer for easter. Devin picked up 6 eggs and one with a dollar coin taped to it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What to do when your bored?!?

Since we had a foot of snow on the ground and I was stuck at home. I usually bake when I'm bored. David loves to eat all my baked goods only chocolate of course. Anything else I have to eat. So I decided to put a big pot of chili on bake a cake and make some homemade peach cobbler. Our friends even came out in the cold snowy weather and ate with us. I made a marble cake for David(just a box mix.) If you look real good you can see finger prints in my cake. Wonder which little boy in this household was the culprit. I did get a pic of the snitcher. David and I thought it was pretty funny.

Blizzard of 2008

This was the big one of 2008. Last weekend we got record snowfall around Ohio. Columbus got around 20 inches or so. I beleive we got around 14-16. That is alot of snow. We were under a level 3 for about 28 hours. Churchs were canceled along with most businesses too. I got alittle antsy being stuck in the house. It was neat to see that much snow, but now I can say I'm ready for winter to go away and spring can come anytime. These are just a few pics to show you how much snow we got in our area.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bedroom ready!

I have been harping on David to get the room ready for both kids, since we only have two bedrooms. They will have to share a room till we get a bigger house someday. So for now somebody gave us a set of bunkbeds. The bottom is a full size bed and the top a twin. We already had a full mattress so we just need to get the twin. I took pictures of the final results. I think it looks pretty nice. My mom was so nice to order a bed set to match the room for the bunks. We changed the curtains and added curtains on my closet and rearranged. Chels, Dan and my mom helped me. I am thankful they were able to help. Now we will try the real test and put Devin in the bed at night. I will keep you updated on he sleeps at night!
I will also update this week on my doc appt. I start going every two weeks now. The Doc figured we would do a ultrasound cause I was measuring small. Hopefully the baby is just a petite little thing and everything is just fine. I am starting to get tired alot easier than before when I was pregnant. Now I have Devin to chase after too. Time does seem to be flying by.

Hiler Get-Together 3-2-08

We had our annual Hiler party this past weekend. It was nice to see all the family and share all the good news of engagements and babies. As always we had a bunch of yummy food also. We always try to get a few pics of all the kiddos together. We did not have as many cousins as last year but we were able to get a few decent pics.