Monday, August 27, 2007

Fort Recovery 8-24 and 8-25

I was able to get off work and go with the guys again. It was just Devin, David, Denny, and I. We had a great time as usual. They did well but did not bring home any 1st place. Maybe next weekend. The last pull is in Connersville IN.

Devin is such a pro at the pulls he even helps David out a little. Devin even met more friends he is a fellow competiters son. The other pic is of Devin eating in his travel high chair. Thank the lord for those. Not sure what I would do if we never would have had that. The other pic is before we even got ready for the day. He was being silly!!

G-pa Hatchers 75th party

Finally we were able to get together with most of the Hatcher side. We had a great time and Devin was of course a show off!! Happy Birthday G-pa!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

One more

Forgot the best pic of the weekend. We gave him a bath in the cooler. I have never given him a shower before and did not want to scare him. So we decieded to use a empty cooler. We are true rednecks at a tractor pull!

What a weekend!

I could post all day about B.G.! The biggest and the best as I said last post.

We had a blast and David did do very well. We had a 3 week break due to the tractor being broke. So we were ready to go out and kick some butt. We did not win but did well. Fri night he was second to hook in the class and the first tractor went 298. David had a pull of 294 so we did not win but came in forth over all that night. The recogonize the top 5 so we got to go the winners circle. He even took Devin up with him. The pic is hard to see.

Sat we also pulled. We could not have prayed for better weather than what we had. It was a beautiful weekend. He had a decent run but not good enough for the winners circle again. Oh Well next year!?! We did get in the runnings for the pennzoil points race. We all got to go up and stand next to David as they presented him a check for placing fourth overall. Devin was not in the picture as he was sleeping. What a bummer! That was cool standing in front of everyone cheering for you. Go Green!

We had plenty of fun hanging out with the Burger family over the weekend. They are such a great help with Renegade Deere! Could not ask for better friends. Also all the memories we had with our pulling buddies. What a great organization to belong in. Can't wait for next year!! Only 2 more pulls for the season. Bummer :(

B.G. Biggest and the Best!

There is always something or someone to keep you occupied the 3 nights and four days we stay up there. Grave Digger just happened to be there. So Devin got a autographed picture of it. He thought that was cool.

Just a few other pics of our friends and some rigs down the way from where we parked.

B.G. Came and Gone so fast!

It's all about John Deere and Devin in our little world at the tractor pulls! Devin was such a good boy all weekend long. He loves to be on his renegade just like daddy(even in his jammies!) He now plugs his own ears it is to cute. Today on the way to our party he was in the back seat saying full pull and plugging his ears! How cute is that!

Hinkley party Aug 11

We spent the day up in Hinkley. That is where my sister lives. Her boyfriend Dan lives there also. We celebrated Dan Graduating from college. Had a great time meeting his family and friends. They live in a beautiful house and have a nice pool. So we had to show off Devin and how he can swim. Was a little chilly so I choose not to swim.
Chels got a rude awaking when one of Dan's friends tried to throw her in the pool. Good thing she was sitting by the ladder. She only got her pants wet. Next time Chels!

B-day party!! Another year older!

Yes in my family we still celebrate b-day's. I was just another year older that is it, but pushing my way to thirty. Just a few of us got together but had a great time. My aunt and I share the same b-day. So it is double whammy for my family. Thanks to my family for a great evening! Of course Grammy had to play with Devin. So we got a few snapshots in action!

1 2 3

1 2 3!! Splash!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

5 years (August 3 2007)

The years have gone by so fast. Fri is our 5th year anniversary. We are not celebrating big at all. Actually last weekend we went to the lake with our close friends and ate at Nagoya's. It is a Japenese steahouse. The food was a little different for David but the experience was awesome. The chef cooks right at your table. It is called a Hibachi table. I ordered Scallops!! The texture was like a cooked marshmellow. They did not taste much just did not like the texture. We had a great time laughing and eating all night. So that was our little celebration(65.00 for little).
Then we continued our stay at the lake. My aunt has a trailer up at Gem Beach. The next day we took the boat on the lake. At least tried to. It was a little rough. Then our boat shorted out and quit on us. We managed to get it back the dock and called it a weekend. Went home then decieded to go watch the tractor pull and see our little pride and joy. Devin!!