Monday, December 31, 2007

On the fourth day of Christmas

This was christmas with David's mom, dad, sister and her husband. We went out to their house after we had finished opening our own gifts. Of course Devin was spoiled again. He got tons of clothes which he had to try on. Two john deere stocking hats in the pics you can see he is already sporting one. Then came the big gift after we ate. The john deere tractor. Or as Devin calls it a vroom vroom. It is the cutest little tractor. He looks like a man on it. It is now a week after christmas and he has it mastered on how to ride and drive it now. Maybe every now and again he will bang a wall.

On the third day of Christmas

This was actually christmas morn. We had a few gifts for Devin and David had a beautiful peridot earrings and necklace for me. How sweet considering we were not going to get eachother anything. It was fun watching Devin open his gifts. Each year we will add more and more as he understands what it is all about. Of course not the gifts but we will still spoil our children.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Family Photo's

These were taken Christmas Eve before our candle light service at church. It will be the last family pic with just Devin. Next christmas we will have our new bundle of joy joining us.

On the second day of Christmas (Hatchers)

There are alot of little kiddos running around at this Christmas. Even though so of them can't even crawl yet. It is alot of fun to see how they change from time to time. Almost all of the family was there. Just a few shy. Of course more good food and fun times to be had. Another one down and three more to go.

On the first day of Christmas (Snay's)

Our first Christmas of the season started off with the Snay christmas. It was Sat all day. Devin was so much fun this year. He really liked opening his gifts. Even though Santa still makes him cry is what he says. He is still all about the gifts. The one pic is of all the grandkids and great grandkids.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowmobile ride with daddy!

Daddy took me on another snowmobile ride today. I had lots of fun besides getting all bundled up. Once I was outside I was fine. Mommy had to take lots of pictures. Go figure! Then we took off. We went all over the country side. Mommy was getting worried we were gone to long. I liked every minute of it. We even chased a deer yes a real live deer. That was really cool. Can't wait till daddy and I can bond again. Maybe next time mommy will take pictures with my helmet on.

Santa visit

Our santa visit did not go over very well with Devin. I was excited to take him since I never had. He seen Santa at the sitters last year. We walked in and he backed up in his tracks immediately. So David took him up and had his pic taken too. He received a bag of goodies and off we went. Later that night he told Grammy Santa Cry. That means Santa made me cry. It is kind of a cute story. I think it is a normal 2 year old story.

Last Weekend

Last weekend was our NTPA banquet. It was in Worthington. So we decided to stay at Seth and Karen's. It was Sat night so they kept Devin while we went to the banquet. It went well. They finished 5th overall. We were able to catch up with some friends we only get to see in the summer.
Sun we all woke up and went to church. Then afterwords we ate at a really good restuarant named Buns. We stayed and visited awhile then decided it was time to head for home. We wanted to stop at the hospital too see G-ma Siefert. She had been in there since Fri afternoon. So we headed for home. We all stopped by the hospital and visited with G-ma. We found her in good spirits. She was sitting up eating her supper. We had a great visit.
Little did I know Tues at work David would call me and say she had passed on to be with God. It has been a long and tiring week. We did not expect that at all. We will miss Granpma(MaMa) but had many good memories with her. I hope to publish many more blogs around the holidays that are upbeat and happier!
Grandma you will be missed! We love you!