Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 nights in a row!!

I don't have a picture to post with this but two nights in a row Devin has peed on the potty!! He is fascinated with sitting on the potty right now. We praised him and gave him a sticker every time he goes. I write down on a piece of paper when he went then he sticks the sticker on the paper. Lets hope he keeps this up. If so it won't be to hard to potty train.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Devin or Aleyse ???

Take a good guess at which one is Devin and which one is Aleyse? I will post later to let you know!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Update on Aleyse

Everyone is doing fine and enjoying our time with Aleyse. She is such a joy to have around. Sleeps great at night unlike Devin did. It's so nice to have a baby that sleeps 4 hours at a time. Makes for a less grumpy mommy.
Mother's day is this weekend. We have a busy weekend. My sister graduates from college, Darren's birthday is today, Chels's birthday is may 9, and mother's day on top of that. My mom is hosting a party for everyone. So I will get to show Aleyse off. Can't wait hope the weather is nice.
Pics are of the family just enjoying Aleyse!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What a week!

You all may think we have had a little time to adjust. Today is actually the first full day I have not been in the hospital(we did have to go over this morning). I got home Sun afternoon around 1:00 had vistitors all day. Actually had a decent nights sleep. Then Monday came around figured it was time to adjust starting off a fresh week. We had to go to the hospital Mon morning for a repeat billi check. That is for Jaundice babies. She was slight jaundice(12.2) when we left the hospital. Normally happens to babies that are born early. She was three weeks early.
Off we went the first trip with a family of four in the mini van. We got there and they poked her heel and checked her blood. By the time we got home we had a few more visitors. I was waiting for the hospital to call with her levels. The head nurse called and said her levels had went from 12.2 too 17.2. That is considerably a high jump. So they had to order a billi blanket for us to use on her at home. The doc called back around 5:45 that evening and said we had to come back to the hospital to have her checked again. I said tom morning right. He said NO NOW! I got all frantic and started crying. Of course the emotional roller coaster a woman is put throught is enough. Then the doc to call and say I had to come back ticked me off. David came home and off we left for the hospital. We got there and the nurse said she was considered a dirty baby so she could not go in the nursery cause she had been outside of the hospital. As the nurse was taking her to put her under the billi lights. I asked her how long this would take. She looked at me and said a couple of days. My eyes got huge and full of tears. All I wanted was to go home and stay at home. So David and I pondered our thoughts awhile and called our parents to bring us stuff to the hospital. My mom kept Devin for the night at our house. The poor little guy has had a big change just like all of us. Then David's parents brought our night stuff over to the hospital. I needed David to stay since I was a emotional basketcase. I cry easily anyways. The hospital only checks her blood once in the morning @ 5am. so after that we would know if she could come home. It had went from a 17.2 to a 15.7 the next day. So Aleyse and I were their another night. I had to stay cause I am breastfeeding. Which is the best for a jaundice baby. I had stay on a strict schedule so she would eat and poop. I had to breastfeed every two hours. The nurses had to moniter her temp and check her every two hours. I had to chart every poo and pee diaper and log my breastfeeding also. Still am sticking to that schedule right now till her levels elevate a little better. So I am going on little to no sleep right now. I should be sleeping instead of blogging. This actually makes me feel good.
I was considered a guest at the hospital but got every meal catered to me. Good thing the food is awesome and I get to pick out what I want on the menu for the day. I did get bored sitting in that room nonstop. I could not leave cause Aleyse would have been left alone. I did get stir crazy and bored with a sore butt from sitting. The next morning she went from a 15.7 to a 10.3. The doc shook my hand and I new I was able to take Aleyse home. My eyes filled with tears again. So I called David and told him to take his time coming over. The doc had a point and told me to leave her under the lights as long as possible that day. We had already been charged for the day. So I might as well stay and eat their free food. The one good thing about being over their I was able to take care of myself and not over do it. All in all I am glad to be home and sleep in peace with no nurses waking us up every two hours except my alarm clock till I can breastfeed on a different schedule. I 'm sure my next blog will be upbeat with better pics. By the way her levels are now 9.9 the doc just called with her check from today. So that means no more hospital. Now I can take her to her family doc to get checked. I think I surely met my deductible for the year. HAHA!! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Aleyse Lynn Siefert

We had a beautiful baby girl Friday at 10:01 am. She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long. What a roller coaster the last week has been. I was scheduled to be induced at 5am on Fri because of low amniotic fluid. We got to the hospital and I was not even a bit nervous. Till they stuck me with the IV twice. My veins are normally good but I had a student nurse doing the IV. Everything was going well. Was not even feeling the contractions David and the nurse had to tell me when I was having them. All I wanted was to have another natural child birth. I did just that and a short while later I had my beautiful baby girl.
Aleyse (A-lease) Lynn Siefert!