Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ready for bed!

I always give Devin a bowl of cereal or a snack before bed with a cup of milk. Just something to fill his belly before bed. He thought he was funny when he shoved about 20 einstein cereals in him mouth at once. Kind-of hard to tell but his cheeks are a little bit fuller.
Then I was ready to put him down early when we saw grammy walking up the sidewalk. I thought it was a cute pic. Molly our dog and Devin their backsides. Aren't they cute!!


This was the fun we had after everyone left and Devin finally had his nap. We went for a walk and pushed Devin in his swing and Daddy even swung right beside him. We went for a long walk then finally settled in for the evening.

Memorial Day picnic

I was ready for a good cookout. So I decided to have one myself. We invited quit a few of our family members and friends. We had lots of good (yummy) food! I think I gained 10lbs just yesterday. The kids had fun playing together and everyone enjoyed the nice weather!

Sat evening after a wedding and baby shower

Sat was a busy day first started off with a baby shower then off to a wedding. Devin was very good at the wedding, but the reception was a different story. Every evening he has been getting a fever he is cutting 6 teeth all at once. When we got home he acted fine. The poor boy is 17 months old and only had 6 teeth. These are a couple pics of Devin after the wedding!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It happened again!

This week David and I both got sick. Mon night I got home from work was trying to feed Devin some supper. I knew just the smell was making me sick. Then boom I threw up! So I called my mom to come help with Devin. David was in Findlay farming with his former boss. I called him and that is when he told me he was getting sick also. We can't win for losing around here. I disinfect and lysol everytime we are sick too. David made it home in time to hit the bathroom too. Then my awesome mom told me she would take Devin for the night good thing she did cause we ended up getting sick two more times. We really had a rough night, but it was bitter sweet being sick together cause neither one of us could baby eachother!! Hopefully we will not have anymore sickness in this household this year or at least I only hope so!!!!!!!

Devin's new swing set

The other weekend we went out to my uncle's and got my cousins old swing set. It is a wooden one so I think it will last us a while. It is already 17 years old or so. We bought him a new swing and he really loves it. We would be out swinging right now but it is 49 degrees out. So maybe when the sun is shining.

My nephew's 2nd Birthday

Sunday was a great day! Considering it was mother's day too. We went to toledo to celebrate Darren's 2nd birthday. We all got together had pizza and watched the kiddos play. Then Darren opened his gifts. It was a chilly day all in all but very sunny. I think it wore us all out. Here are some pics to show how much fun we all had.