Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy randomness

It has been very hectic around here lately. The kids are growing like weeds as you can see from the pictures. Aleyse is grabbing objects, hair and her toes already. She rolled from tummy to back yesterday morning. She also loves to talk. Devin is progressing at peeing on the potty. He loves going back to tammys and has been sick already. He had a fever last week. We did manage to make him feel better for the last tractor pull on Sat night. We had a great year with 7 wins all together. That is great considering we only had it apart a few times. I have been slacking at the blogging with 2 kids and working fulltime it is impossible to sit at the comp. I like being back to work but the time schedule I do not like. I leave @ 7:30 in the morning and when I get home it is around 5:30. That leaves the kids @ the sitters almost 10 hrs. I will keep up the blogging as long as time allows. My kids are my first priority. This fall and winter will bring many new first with Aleyse and farming and etc. I will keep everyone updated!!!