Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mr Bubbles and Aleyse in the bubble bath

I got the bubble bath idea from the internet. So I figured Devin could be Mr Bubble's. I just made a box and cut out holes for him to fit in it. Devin did well considering that big box covered most of his body. Aleyse did well also. She fell asleep before the parade. We marched uptown and that is where they announced the winners. Sure enough they called our name for cutest couple. I was excited they won! They won money, candy, and even got their pics in the local news paper. Hope everyone had a happy halloween!! Enjoy our indian summer!!

Randomness with the kiddos

Just cute pics of my kids!!

Night Getaway

The weekend of Oct 11 we got away for the night. My younger sister Chels kept both kids and we went to Cleveland and stayed. She lives in Mentor. So we took the kids their first then went back to Cleveland. David and I went to winking lizards to eat supper then had tickets for a show at hilarities comedy club. The main comedian was great. We stayed at the Radisson downtown. The pics are just random pics. One of the skyline while we were driving, our hotel room, another of the browns stadium, and one of the lake along side the highway. I'm so thankful my sister was able to watch them. David and I had a blast and it was nice to get away and not worry about dirty diapers for the day. Devin still talks about staying at chels's place. They must have had a good time too.

Aleyse's first haircut

Yes I know she is way to young to have a haircut, but with hair that long you have to do something. So I decided to cut bangs. I like her hair so much better. She was 5months when I cut it.

Family reunion

Our family reunion was the beginning of Oct. That is how long it's been since I blogged. A few pics to share from the reunion.

It's been a long time

Farming days are here! These are a couple of pics David took. One with Devin and one of the new combine!!