Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stay at home mom for a week.

I quit my job last week. I have been unemployed, semi-retired for a week. I received a new job offer at another financial institution. I have been with First Citizens bank for 3 years now. I really enjoyed working there and made many new friends. I felt as though I could not have moved up the ladder plus I wanted better job security. I feel I will have it at the new bank. I am going to Sutton in Attica. I will have less hours but more pay. So that means I can work the beauty shop more.
I have enjoyed lounging in my pajama's every morning all week, but on the other hand my two men have both been sick. Devin has a ear infection, snotty nose, and bad cough. David got sick the night before last. He was throwing up and everything. Now he has a sore throat. I pray I will not get sick especially before my new job.
We actually our making plans to go somewhere before I start my new job. Not real sure what we are going to do, but we are thinking of going to a indoor water park just the 3 of us. I know Devin would love that. Will I better get back to taking care of my sick men. Hopefully they will be better before tomorrow so we can go somewhere.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amy's baby shower (bank party)

I held Amy's last baby shower at my house Wed night. All of us girls from the bank plus Devin got together to celebrate. She had a great turn out and recieved alot of nice things. We first ate then chatted for a while. Then decieded to get to the good part the presents. She got her high chair, alot of onesies, exersaucer, and so on. I think she is almost set and ready for Mason to enter this world. I wish her all the luck! I know Jeremy and her will be great parents. 4 more weeks hang in there. P.S. Penny makes one mean cake!! YUM YUM :)

Devin at a Tractor pull!

He is so used to the noise it does not even bother him. Of course it was late and past his bedtime too. Maybe this is just a good indication on how the summer will be. He loves his tractors so much they put him to sleep. Now that is a true boy!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sweet Hotel Room in Louisville KY

This was much better than staying in the living quarters in the semi. David, Devin and I even had our own bedroom and bathroom. There was a full kitchen as well. Devin and I only got to stay one night but he had as much fun as I did. He enjoyed walking from room to room seeing what there was new he could get into. I told Kathy that was a break away from the tractor pull. She enjoyed the nice gas fireplace. I liked having a separate bedroom and being able to sleep. Normally I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear Denny snoring(ZZZ)!! That is something I should think about doing. Well I think I will call it a night. Sleep tight!!

4th place finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great weekend. I was able to get off work on Sat and go with David to watch him pull. The pull started at 7:30. So we bundled up and took Devin with us too. It was a indoor pull at Louisville KY. It goes on for 4 days. Of the 26 years that I had been going pulling I had never went. It is a big deal down there. It is the best of the best cause you have to be invited.
So they pulled Wed night and David had gotten 3rd place. From there they only take the top 6. So they pulled again on Sat night. We left early in the morning on Sat. It was a 5 hour drive. We got there and the weather was kind of crappy. It was cold and snowy. So we went into the arena were the tractor was. It was weird being at a pull in the middle of winter. Knowing that I won't see smoke or that the tractors would be extra loud. Well it happened that they were the only green ones in the top 6 plus the only ones form Ohio. There were 5 IH's in the class then David. So needless to say all the green fans were rooting for Renegade Deere!! Go Green!! Boo Red!!
The top 4 had pulled then David came up next. They reconize the top 3 over all then. So he pulled and had went 223 and the leader was 233 so that put him in 3rd place. That left one more tractor to pull. A good one from TN. He ended up beating David by .8 feet. Kathy and I were screaming and yelling we were excited. He ended up 4th over all which is awesome. Considering that was the first time down there. This just makes me all the more excited for the summer!! Maybe that means some wins or 2nd or 3rd place finishes. Go Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dog Sitting

Not only do I have a 1 year old monster running around but 2 big (sometime lazy) dogs. I am dog sitting at my house since I can't get up and down the roads. All they do is lay around and sleep all day(except for last night they decided to play outside for 25mins before they came in and went to bed). Molly is our dog on the floor and Emmy is Denny and Kathy's on the chair. I wish I could say they would be home sooner to get Emmy but they won't! Great news though David pulled last night in KY and got third place. That is awesome!! You have to be invited to this pull and they were the only ones from Ohio to pull in there class. So they pull again on Sat night that is the finals. Good Luck Renegade Deere Pulling Team!!! Wish I could go to support them.

Snow Snow and more Snow

We finally got snow!!!! David has been asking and praying for it. Of course he is not home to enjoy it. He is down tractor pulling in Louisville KY. Hope they do good. He left bright in early this morning when we were under a level 3. Actually I think we are still under a level 3. The news channel I watched said we got up to 13-18 inches. This pic is just out our back door. Suppost to be our back steps, but you can't see the steps.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Reading a book

This is one of Devin's favorite books and mine. It is a lifesaver at church. As you can see he loves to read. He will sit and look through it all by himself and if he wants me to read it he will bring it to me.