Sunday, September 23, 2007

Devin Being silly

Devin helping mommy push on daddy's back.

Devin with his little back pack puppy. Never used it before but he really seems to like it. Guess I could have used it all summer at the tractor pulls. At least I wouldn't have had to chase him all around. All though he is not a animal. Guess I did not want to put him on a leash!

Farming Day

Devin's new word combine. When he's at home it's all about his tractors and combine. I set up a little farm the other day for him. But the next day he got to go and farm in the real thing. Actually he spent more time farming with papa and daddy then I spent with him all week.

Ashland T.P last Sun

Another Sun afternoon spent at a tractor pull (imagine that). I think Devin will grow up to like them for sure. I know for a fact he already does. He enjoys them so much I think someday he will be a future driver. What are we gonna do all winter with no tractor pulls? Devin will be lost for sure(so will David and I). I guess we will have to watch them on DVD and RFD tv.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fall is approaching

One sign is pumpkins. Which are always fun to have and decorate with. Another sign is colder weather. I do love fall time even the colder weather. Love the leaves changing and the smell of the air. But summer is fast fading.

We went out to breakfast with my parents this morning to treat my dad for his birthday. Grammy had picked some pumpkins out of her garden. This is the first year she has grown them. They are decent size. Devin loved them. He picked one out right away. He marked his. So we brought it home and he really had to help. It was to cute the pics show how he loved his pumpkin. He even waved bye to his pumpkin when I layedhim down for a nap!!

Fun at the pull

I always need Devin to take a good nap cause the nights get late. So trying to get him to take one can be a challenge. So usually we have to nap with him. He did manage a 2hour and 15min nap at a tractor pull. I managed a 40 min one. I always need some rest too. LOL. Actually I'm getting over sinus. The doc said I have hay fever. Rest is the best medicine.
Anyways back to the pull. We had a nice little party afterwards to celebrate the win. It was Seth's birthday also. Kathy had made chili and Karen had brought a birthday cake. So it was a nice little way to celebrate the last pull with all our family and friends. Even though we all had jackets on it was fun. It got down right cold last night. The first sign of fall.

Enderle Pull Off

Last night was the Enderle pull off. It is invitational only. You have to place in the top 5 to be excepted. It was the first year they have pulled in it. Kent Enderle sponsers it. Over $63,000 he forked out for the night. Next year he will mark his $1,000,000th mark for sponsering the pull. I think that is great so many people love and sponser pulling the way they do. If not we would not be here.
Our season has been bitter sweet. Meaning we've had some wins and lots of breakage, but all in all we had a fun season. We've met alot more friends throughout the pulling season too. We started out with the second pull in Tomah WS one of the biggest and best pulls and pulled a good enough pull for 1st. Georgetown brought us a win and Chapel Hill TN a 2nd. A few 4,5,6,7 place finishes too add to them also. Then last night brought the 5 best tractors. David was second hook. Beck pulled a 292 good enough for 4th. Then Dave pulled a 306.7, Esdon then pulled a 300. Burge a 302. That brought the last tractor up a green one to top it off. So it was up too green. He pulled a 290. So yes you guessed it that put David on top. He won the ENDERLE PULL!! So it was a sweet ending to a awesome year. Could not have asked for a better night.

All about John Deere and tractors

He can sit for hours and play with all his tractors. You can tell he was raised a country boy! It's all about John Deere. If you have ever watched those movies you would understand why I say that. The one is a pic of his new combine!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Last tractor pull of the season

We went to Connersville IN for the weekend. Had a nice time and the weather was beautiful. David finished 6th Sat night. Did well but still can't figure out why we did not win. I guess he did not go further than everybody else.

Stayed Sat night then went to breakfast with our pulling buddies. We picked up their corn head for the combine. We were able to see there neck of the woods. The one pic is Devin playing with their dog Colby and David loading the corn head. It was nice seeing where other pullers live and come from. On the way home David Devin and I decided to stop at Richwood and watch a OSTPA tractor pull. That just broke up our drive. Plus my family was all there to watch my dad pull. We had a good time with the kids one more time. We took the kids over to the fair and let them ride rides and play games. I thought maybe Devin was a little small for the rides but he had a blast. He laughed with Cassie the whole time they rode in the car. I love to see smiling kids having fun.
Can't believe pulling season is over with. We have one more on the agenda it is in two weeks. That is a invitational pull. They only take the top five of Grand National Points. I'm excited for the last one but yet it is bittersweet they are over with. Maybe now we can have some daddy time with David and Devin.

20 month old in trouble

Who would ever think a 20 month old would get in trouble. Can't remember what he did but I did yell at him. I looked him right in the eyes and told him NO. He was not to happy with me. He crawled in the corner all by himself and pouted. I thought it was cute so I snapped a couple of pictures.

Fri night

Got home from work Fri, Danell and her kids were at my house. We had made plans for them to eat pizza and play for awhile since we had not seen them since 4th of July. We had a blast and the kids played and played. Considering Devin had a fever due to more teeth coming in. They were kicking there legs in the air and screaming. The one pic you can tell they were kicking it is a little fuzzy. The kids thought it was funny so did us adults. I can show them these pics when they are 18 and they will look back and laugh.