Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chapel Hill TN

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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More from Troy, Wilmington, & and Bucyrus

Time flies when you are having fun. I go back to work in less than a week(boohoo). What a weeknd we had a very successful one. Won 2-3 pulls. We left Thurs for Troy MO(almost 10 hrs). It was hotter then heck out there, but a nice pull. There were only 7 tractors. We ended up 6-7. Never really hooked to the track. Didn't break anything which was good considering we had 2 more pulls for the weekend. Bud Gettinger won that pull. Go john deere!
After that pull and no rest we had to pack up and come back to OH for a pull Sat night. Left there at 10:30 and followed the Gettingers back to their place(IN). It was about a 6 hr drive or so. I think we went to bed @ 5am then back up by 8. There hospitality was greatly appreciated. By 1 we all packed up and headed for Wilmington. That drive took just a mere 2-
2 1/2 hrs. It was a beautiful day on Sat. Ended up a great day we took first place that night. Kathy and I had decided to have a cookout for the pullers(dennys birthday was thurs). I had cooked all week. Made 8lbs of sloppy joes, spinach dip, 2 loaves of bread, and 2 bathces of brownies. Even some of the other pullers wives helped out and cooked. We are so greatful to be in this sport and have such a great big extended "pullin family"!
A cousin of mine came up to the pull with her family. Her kids had never been to a pull. I know they had a good time. I'm sure her kids would love to come again. Glad they came to a pull we had won.
That night we packed up and headed for home. Pulled in at 2:30am. Sun we had wanted to go to our hometown pull in Bucyrus. Denny was so against going but we(thanks to the burgers) pulled his arm and leg and talked him into going. He was the last hook of the night and last class. So it was late again. We were all rooting and cheering as he pulled. The distance to beat was 314.75. He pulled and did not look like he beat him, but he did by 2 feet. So that was our very successful weeknd. I will post some pics as soon as I can figure out how to do a slideshow of them.

Pics from Troy, Wilmington, and Bucyrus

Pics of the family from the 3 pulls we went to over the weekend. I just love the picture of David and Devin sleeping it really shows like father like son!

Random pics with the kids

These are just some random pics of the kids. One day I decided to do something fun for lunch and we had a picnic on the kitchen floor(I think it was raining). Others are Aleyse at 11 weeks old. Hard to believe she is almost 3 months already. You gotta love those chubby cheeks.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Aleyse Baptised 7-6-08

We had Aleyse baptised Sun morning at church. She did very well and never cried a bit. Afterwards we had a cookout and had some friends and family over. I even captured David getting a little crazy with squirt gun! What a beautiful day for a joyous occasion!

July 4th weekend

We had loads of fun over the 4th. We went swimming and watched fireworks and did a whole bunch of things with family and friends. These are just a few pics from the weekend.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Aleyse's first swim

A week ago we decided to take Aleyse swimming for the first time. About three minutes she was fine then you would have thought her brother was biting her. She screamed bloody murder till we got her out. That is why we do not have any pics of her in the water. We will one of these days take her again and she will get used to it. Maybe the weekend we can take her cousins and we can get some good pics!

Devin's fun on his tractor

This is how Devin can stay entertained at his mama and papa Sieferts house for hours. He loves his tractor. Ryan even found him a wagon for it (in the dumpster). Snapped it all together and it was good as new. He calls it his baler.