Friday, June 22, 2007

After the nice cold swim!

After the nice swim he took a nice long nap. Then it was supper time and he ate a good meal. He got to play with everyone and have fun. He loves the water even if he is not in his swim trunks. Can't wait till the next time we go up again. Maybe Daddy can go with us!

Bring on the lake!!

Devin ready for the lake. I can't wait mommy let's go!?!

Devin in the water for the first time. Slimy sand in between my toes. Yuck. But it felt good.

Cousin Loren and Devin in the water having a blast.

We got down to the beach after lunch time. Around 1:15 or so. I was excited to see how he would react. He did have fun. Splashing slimy sand at mommy and Loren. Then clouds started rolling in and it got windy. I was bummed. We decided to head back to the trailers. At least I got some cute pics of him! When we got back to the trailers it started to pour. So good thing we got back when we did. Then it was nap time. So mommy had some rest time too. What a beautiful day after the rain left.

Day @ the Lake

We have had this little trip planned for a while. Devin and I packed up since I had the day off work. We took GG-ma Snay with us. We left early in the morning so we could get up there in good time. It is so nice to live that close to the lake. All of my aunts and mom were up there and cousin Loren. So Devin had plenty of attention all day.

The first pic is of Devin. I think he is half dog and half human. He seen Kiara which is Loren's doggy lick the water of the patio so he thought he had to.

The second pic you can see he is getting broke in good. Miller Lite!! Yuck mommy don't drink! The can was never opened just to let you know.

The third pic is of the Snay girls. My Mom Denise, Aunt Diana, Aunt Debbie, and Aunt Donna.

Father's Day 2007

We had a great day. First we woke up and went to church. Then we came home and rested David had a long weekend. There first tractor pull was in MN. They came in 3rd place, but broke. So back to square one pulling pieces out of the tractor. They did not break it that bad. So it is fixable. We then went out to Denny and Kathy's and spent time with them. Ate lunch and played with Devin even saw Seth and Karen.
We then headed off to Poppy and Grammy Hiler's. To give Poppy his father's day gift. Aunt Chels was even out there. So Devin got to spend time with her too. Poppy gave Devin tractor rides all day. You can see in the pic he is having a blast. Then we let dad open his gift. My older sister and I thought of a great present. We had a pic of the kiddos and transferred it on a t-shirt. I really think he liked this gift. He really loves his grand-kids!!
Happy Father's Day to all the men out there!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

tractor pulling time

I get really excited this time of the year. David is off on his first pull already. Good luck to him and his dad I hope they have a great year!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Random pics of us and the kiddos

Zoo Pics

I did not get very many pictures of the zoo. It was very busy so it was hard to snap pics. The first pic is of the baby polar bear through the fence hard to see but it is very cute we had to wait about 15mins to view them. The last pic is of Devin on the way home from Toledo yesterday. We were not even in the car 5mins and he was out.

Toledo Visit this past weeknd

What a fun weekend we had. Loren Devin and I decided the other week to go up and stay for the night. My sister and I figured since we both had off a Sat it would be nice to take the kiddo's to the zoo. We had a blast. As you can see the kids had so much fun together to. Cassie even sat like a big girl and let me braid her hair. Uncle Dave suprised the kids and came with us too.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

more flowers

These are the rest of my flowers I planted. I had bought a whole flat of colored pansy's. I thought they were pretty. Then the miniature rose is one from last year or maybe two years ago. I did nothing with it over the winter and look how pretty it looks. Maybe next year I will experiment even more.

My green thumb

Just a few pics of my beautiful flowers I bought this year. My hanging baskets are nice and full they are impatiens coral and white. The other baskets were my mother's day gifts from my mom and David. I also have a hanging white basket up by the front of my house but it is too wet to hang on my shepherds hook. Kathy had bought that for me. The red and yellow are begonias the are my favorite. I really was not sure how they would do considering they get alot of sun. But they are full of flowers. Now that we got plenty of rain the sun can shine!!

You mean I finally get camera time. I guess I could have looked a little nicer. With Devin in the pic that does not matter. He is the center of attention.


You never know where you will find him asleep!!

Buckethead strikes again!!

If you read my blog occasionally, a few months ago I posted a pic with Devin on his tractor. It looked kind of like this. He is such a case. He makes me laugh all the time.