Monday, January 29, 2007

What a cuddle bug!!

This is after his bath! He loves his bath time. He loves to splash water and throw everything out of the tub. I think he learned the splashing from swimming to much. I love to wrap him up and give him a big bear hug he may get me all wet but it is worth it :) !!

Devin's first ride!!

Daddy argued till he won this one. He wanted Devin to ride so bad. It is actually the first time David had his snowmobile out this year. We think he had fun. A little hard to tell with the helmet on. Maybe we need to get a smaller helmet. I think next year he will be older and will have more fun. Just had to break the snowsuit in too.

Daddy Day Care

David (daddy) has decided to be a stay at home dad!! No he has just been watching Devin a lot lately. It helps out on babysitter cost. Needless to say Devin keeps daddy busy. Which is a good thing. I came home from work Friday on my lunch break and found my little boy pooped and out on the floor. Daddy day care must have really wore him out.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Swimming in the middle of winter

How many people do you know that can swim in the middle of winter. It is nice to have in-laws that have a indoor pool. We can swim anytime of the year. Actually Devin loves to swim. We started him at a young age. In the pic is our niece Cassie, newphew Darren,

brother-in-law Brian, Devin, David, and of course me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Devin's 1st Birthday 12-29-06

It is so hard to believe that one year has passed. Where did the year go? He is a little man now. Such a ham. Really don't remember what life was like a year ago before we had him.
He had so much fun with his birthday cake as you can see. He flipped it off the plate and thought it would be cool to lick the plate. So he had blue frosting all over his face. He looked like a clown. He was so talkative the whole time he was eating it too. He recieved alot of nice stuff. Lots of clothes and toys of course. He did get one special animal that is my lifesaver. It is a lion that folds into a pillow. Up until 2 weeks ago he was putting himself to sleep with his bottle which is not good. Now I just lay him in his crib and he may talk a little bit then off to lala land(ZZZZ)!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVIN!

Devin's Birthday Pics

This time we went to the Picture People. We had a

good experience there. We knew the photographer. She is one of David's pulling buddies wife. So she took lots of pics and gave us a discount. I think we may go there from now on. Here are a few she took.

Family Photo's

These photos were taken after candle light service on Christmas Eve.

Siefert's Christmas 12-25-06

This was our final christmas. Now Devin was a pro at opening gitfts. He even enjoyed what was inside of them too (toys that is). We even got to hear some beautiful music by Devin. He loved the piano. Guess he will be musically inclined when he gets older. He even dances to music too.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

Siefert's Christmas 12-24-06

Fourth day of Christmas was spent with the Sieferts. We first ate at Kathy's then lounged around for awhile. We also enjoyed holding Braden (Shane and Kate's baby) and playing with Devin.
Afterwards we went to the nursing home to visit with Grandpa Siefert. He was very alert and happy. It really put a sparkle in G-ma's eye knowing we were all together.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hatchers Christmas 12-23-06

Third day of christmas the Hatchers got together. Like every other one ate way to much.
Devin got his first and only red tractor. I know your probably thinking red wrong color(go green). Well the Hatcher side is all red. Which isn't so bad considering my family likes it to. We had a good time. We even got to see some family we hadn't seen in awhile.

Snay's Christmas 12-17-06

What can I say we always have a fun time at G-ma Snay's christmas. This year it was even on her birthday. We ate way to much then did a white elephant this year. This was the first year for that. I'm sure we will be doing that next year again. Like always lounged around and played some games, but most of all got to spend it with all of may family all day long.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hiler's Christmas 12-16-06

This was Devin's first Christmas. He really did not know what to think. We all got alot of neat stuff. He got lots of toys and clothes. But most of all we got to spend it with Danell, Brian, Cassie, Darren, Chelsea, Dan and Grammy and Poppy. We had a good time!!
We ate then opened gifts then played games. we played Apples to Apples if anyone gets a chance that is a very good game.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

November (pics to remember)

My sister and I decided we would get the kids pics taken for christmas. So we were all excited. We even planned a month ahead of time too. So David, Devin and I packed up for the weekend and headed to Toledo. The kiddo's had a good time playing and taking baths together.
Well needless to say the pics weren't that great. Danell and I were very upset. We went to Moto Photo were the first pic was taken. The photographer was a weirdo and he took 125 photos and only about 2 turned out decent. We told them we would call them back and decide which ones we wanted.
By that time the kids were sleepy, hungry, and grump and so were we. So we went back home to Danell's. She then called Sears and got us in. So we stayed alittle longer than what we wanted.
About an hour later we loaded everyone back in the van. We never did get a good shot from sears either, but I thought it was kind of funny so I had to buy it.

Oct Vacation with the Sieferts

We went to Hocking Hills the last weekend in Oct. First time David and I had ever been there.
As you can see our cabin was immaculate. Considering the time of the year the weather wasn't to bad.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Fall Pictures (Sadies)

These were the best pics he had taken. I drove all the way to Canton to get these. My girlfriend from work came along too. She has a daughter 2 1\2 months older than Devin. Everytime we go up my younger sister meets me up there she lives in Akron. There were a few shots also.