Monday, April 30, 2007


He still had all the energy left in his little body. We got home around 8:15 and I got him ready for bed. He shot a few hoops and played a little. Then it was off to lala land. All I did was pick him up and he laid his little head on my shoulder. Off to bed it was. I thought last week with all the spoiling I did holding him it would be hard to break him from being held to sleep but we had no problem.

Swimming (Finally)

While he was swimming!! He has not been swimming in probably a month & a half. He sure didn't forget how to swim. I think he would swim all day and night if we would let him.

Before hand

Enough with the pics just get me in the pool! I'm ready to swim!

Hamming it up!!

Of course since I was snapping pics he had to be in one too!

New Beauty Shop

This has been a very long process! My aunt Donna the owner of the shop bought a house uptown here. Half house and half shop. It is exciting seeing all the work being put into it. The business should boom!! The shop gets inspected by state board this week. Hope everything will pass. I know it will. Everything is coming together quit well. The pictures are kind of hard to tell but you can see one styler and a little of the waiting area. I will post pics when the shop is all finished.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Devin's new hoop!

After a long week we both finally feel ten times better. So yesterday we went shopping with Grammy. Of course we had to go to Sam's to buy diapers. He really went through alot last week. So from there we went to Target(mommy's favorite store)!! Grammy could not resist buying him a basketball hoop. As you can see he really loved his basketball hoop even in his jammies!
I'm sure he went to bed dreaming about balls. He woke up this morning and David brought him down and first thing he went for was his ball and made a basket!! (Three Points!!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Devin's first round of the Flu

Well what a week we've had. It all started Sun in church Devin threw up (projectile vomited) during the last song. He threw up 3 more times that day. Thank the lord I had Mon off. So I was able to stay home and take care of my sick little guy. He did have a fever and the runs too. So Tues I headed to work and took him (we thought he was better) to the sitters. Well about 11:30 she called and said he had a fever again and messed his pants. So I took off work and took him to the docs. Doctor Nieset said it is a virus going around and it could take all week to get over. Of course he also said don't be surprised if you don't get it. So Tues night I started feeling achey and feverish. Little did I know I came down with the same thing. But never threw up or anything else. Just very tired and sore. So I stayed home Wed and Thurs also. Hopefully back to work tom.
I hate to see him like this, but love it when he is so clingy to me. All he wants is to be held and loved. So needless to say all week I have given him all my attention. That is probably how I caught it. Hopefully David will not catch it. Next post we will all be better!!

Dad and Devin Chillin

This was last Sun after church. They were just chillin together!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Siefert's Easter @ the hospital

After finally getting down to the hospital we got to celebrate with G-ma and G-pa Siefert! Karen and I took leftovers from our get togethers we had. So we had a little meal. I thought it was quit nice we could all be together. Denny was in good spirits and doing fine. He actually came home today from the hospital it was a suprise. I wanted to make Get Well signs and hang in the house from Devin but didn't get that done. They were already home. Glad to have him home. Hope for a strong and speedy recovery.
The other pic was his easter gift from mama and papa Siefert. They bought it at the OSU Hospital. He loves it already. Your looking at the Future B-Ball Star from Buckeye Central. Maybe even OSU!!

More of Snay's Easter

Here is some more of my goofy family and Devin. We sure did have a goodtime and lots of good food! When is the next get together so G-ma Snay can make her good homemade dressing.

Easter with the Snay's

Aren't they just the cutest kids you've ever seen!! That was the best picture considering they are 3 1\2, 2, and 15 months!!

Sat night @ Grammy and Poppy Hiler

The kids are even spoiled on Easter. Oh well that is what G-ma and G-pa's do best right!?! The kids had so much fun playing together. You can see Cassie loves her cousin Devin so much. Of course that is her only cousin.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

We were not the only crazy ones in the cold weather. Everyone waited till last minute to come so they did not have to stand in the freezing cold. Devin did get 3 eggs 2 pink and 1 blue 1 even was a money egg. It had a new George Washington dollar coin on it. He finally figured out what to do when all the eggs where all ready picked. Darren had fun too that is Devin's cousin. They are only 8 months apart.

Blogging made easier!!

Fianlly we installed DSL! It is so fast I love it. Now maybe I can keep up with the blog and download pics real fast.
This past month has been a whirlwind. We have been so busy. My new job is going great. But on the other had we found out David's dad had a tumor in his colon. He had surgery on Mon and is down at the James in Columbus. It kills us to see Denny laid up like that. The whole family has taken it as well as we can. We just need to think positve and and keep praying to god. We know he will come through and everything will be fine. He will need chemo and that will take all summer the way it sounds. He hopefully will be home next week sometime. Just keep Denny in your thoughts and prayers!!
On good thoughts everyone have a Safe and Happy Easter! I will post pics of Easter and the Easter egg hunt sometime once it takes place.