Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Time

The scenery was just beautiful down in Hocking Hills this weekend. Sat was overcast and drizzly so some of the pics are cloudy. The ones I took on Sun were from the Van so they maybe a little fuzzy. But overall the colors were right at the peak.

Train Ride

These are pics of our train ride we went on in Nelsonville. Devin did love the train ride!! I'm glad Kathy thought of that. We all had a good time. It was a 1 1/2hr ride. It even stopped at the Hocking college and we got to walk around a little village called Robbins Crossing set up in the 1850 era.

Hocking Hills trip

We decided to go to Hocking Hills again this year as a family. We went last year and really enjoyed ourselves. The whole Siefert clan went down. Denny, (Papa) Kathy (Mama), Seth, Karen, and us. We stayed in the Old Man Chalet Cabins. They are fully furnished and are very clean. We did stayed in a different cabin this year. Last year we were in the boondocks. We stayed in Hawks Peak this year. It was very cozy and nice. The pictures are of the front of the cabin the kitchen and the family room. We used the cabin alot more this year than last year. It was cool out again this past weekend but the leaves were at there peaks. It was beautiful. More pics to come.


So your all wondering why we bought a van with one child. More room might be the answer or Devin can now see all the animals and combines in the fields. Or maybe another baby is on the way. Well all are right answers. We are expecting our 2ND child in May. I guess we timed that one just right for me to be off all summer.
I am almost 12 weeks along and have had one heck of a time. I have been miserable compared to my first pregnancy. I've only went to the doctors once. So my next checkup is Nov 9. All the good stuff then. Maybe even the heartbeat.
I will keep everyone posted when we find out more. But don't ask what we are having because we like to keep it a surprise. You don't have very many surprises in life that are such a miracles anymore!!

Moving on up in the world!

I stepped up in the world finally. Last week we purchased a new vehicle(Ford Freestar) for me. Yes you guessed it your right I'm now driving a mini van. I know a mini van sounds terrible, but this one is nice. I always thought I would own a suv before a mini van oh well. Vans are far better on gas than a suv. We have been looking for quit a few months now. My car has had more and more problems. So we decided to go to the dealership 2 weeks ago. David seen this van on the lot. So we took it home and drove it for a few days. They offered me far more for my car then I ever imagined. So we were suckers and took the deal. It is loaded to the max. I really like it and I'm glad we bought it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jack O' Lantern

Grammy came up last night and helped carve Devin's pumpkin. She did a great job! By looking at the picture you can tell Devin was excited to sit it on the porch and light it.

Delaware and Zoo trip 10-14

We decieded to take Devin down to Delaware and visit with Seth and Karen. The weather was beautiful and we have never been to the columbus zoo so we took Devin for the afternoon. All the animals were awake and since it was not hot the animals were active too. They had alot of different animals then the Toledo zoo. We had blast and glad we got to spend the day with Aunt Karen and Uncle Seth.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shelling corn

This was Mon afternoon. I got home from work and David had Devin all day with him farming. Devin surley loves his farming. He bines beans and corn. That is what he walks around and says now. David had asked me to go get the camera to take a pic of the combine full of corn. Notice the concentration on David's face and the orneryness on Devin's. I even rode in the combine with David for over a hour.

Iron spring farm

We did not know how hot it really was till we decided to take the boys to the local corm maze. Which is down the road from my parents house. We all had a good time and the boys even made it through the straw maze for kiddies. At the maze they have all sorts of neat things for the kids. Animals, tractor rides, pumpkins, and even a haunted corn maze at night. David and I used to spook people at the maze, we worked there for 5 years. Devin was trying his hardest to help pick up the pumpkins he was doing a great job (notice the red face he was burning up)!

Cook out Sun @ Grammy and Poppy Hiler's

We had such a beautiful day for one last cookout. Everything tasted so good and both of my sisters were there. It was nice to be able to spend sometime with them. The kids played all day together. The kids even got to do there favorite thing go for a four-wheeler ride with poppy. Afterwards mom, Chels, and I took the boys to the Corn maze down the road.