Sunday, March 11, 2007

3-10-07 G-pa Siefert

We took G-ma Siefert in to see G-pa yesterday. We were shocked to see G-pa sitting up in a regular wheel chair when we walked in. We came up to him and he looked at David and said that is my grandson. Boy did that put a smile on our face. It was like he had a complete turn around and you could understand everything he said. Devin was getting a little antsy so he started sweeping. Ever since he found my broom at home he loves to sweep
After that visit we went to see G-ma and G-pa Hatcher. They were surprised to see how big Devin had grown. They had just got back form Florida a couple of weeks ago. So it had been awhile since we had seen them. Devin is so lucky to have 5 great grandparents! We will visit my G-ma today since it is nice and we live two houses down.


Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

Sounds like you might have a big helper on your hands!! Now you just need to capatilize on that and get him cleaning around the house!! (wink wink) Grace actually can help me out quite a bit now!!