Thursday, April 26, 2007

Devin's first round of the Flu

Well what a week we've had. It all started Sun in church Devin threw up (projectile vomited) during the last song. He threw up 3 more times that day. Thank the lord I had Mon off. So I was able to stay home and take care of my sick little guy. He did have a fever and the runs too. So Tues I headed to work and took him (we thought he was better) to the sitters. Well about 11:30 she called and said he had a fever again and messed his pants. So I took off work and took him to the docs. Doctor Nieset said it is a virus going around and it could take all week to get over. Of course he also said don't be surprised if you don't get it. So Tues night I started feeling achey and feverish. Little did I know I came down with the same thing. But never threw up or anything else. Just very tired and sore. So I stayed home Wed and Thurs also. Hopefully back to work tom.
I hate to see him like this, but love it when he is so clingy to me. All he wants is to be held and loved. So needless to say all week I have given him all my attention. That is probably how I caught it. Hopefully David will not catch it. Next post we will all be better!!


Randi said...

Oh Poor Little Man:( Thank God, so far we haven't been hit with the flu yet!! Yikes! But yes when they are sick it is nice when these busy boys like to cuddle and love on mommy.

I pray for speedy recovery for all:)

Allon & Amber said...

Aww poor guy!! Can't believe he puked in church...not fun at all!! And what is a girl to do when that happens!!?? Hope you both get to feeling better soon!!