Thursday, May 17, 2007

It happened again!

This week David and I both got sick. Mon night I got home from work was trying to feed Devin some supper. I knew just the smell was making me sick. Then boom I threw up! So I called my mom to come help with Devin. David was in Findlay farming with his former boss. I called him and that is when he told me he was getting sick also. We can't win for losing around here. I disinfect and lysol everytime we are sick too. David made it home in time to hit the bathroom too. Then my awesome mom told me she would take Devin for the night good thing she did cause we ended up getting sick two more times. We really had a rough night, but it was bitter sweet being sick together cause neither one of us could baby eachother!! Hopefully we will not have anymore sickness in this household this year or at least I only hope so!!!!!!!


Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

What a stinky few days for ya!! I pray that you and your family will be protected against all those bad germs!! Hopefully, now that it is getting warmer the kids won't get sick as much! when is your guys fair this year? We would like to go if can find a day off!!