Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All about Devin

The whole weekend is based around Devin and how goofy he is. He is such a blast to have and was good all weekend. Ate very well and took very long naps. Can't complain! First two pics are Devin's new friends. All the kids love him even though he is alot younger than they are. They are from MO there dad is the one that got Third place Fri night. They are nice people too. We had a big cookout at there trailor Fri night. All of Davids class came over and ate it was a good time and good food.
Other pics are of Devin playing with the bugs. He loves bugs even touches them. GROSS! Oh well he is a boy he will do things I don't like! The bugs down in TN are tremondisly big.
The last pic is Devin getting ready to cheer for Daddy Sat night. Needless to say he made a full pull, but broke in the pull off. So the engine is back down at the shop. Hopefully will get fixed for the weekend. Then off to the next pull. GO GREEN!