Sunday, September 16, 2007

Enderle Pull Off

Last night was the Enderle pull off. It is invitational only. You have to place in the top 5 to be excepted. It was the first year they have pulled in it. Kent Enderle sponsers it. Over $63,000 he forked out for the night. Next year he will mark his $1,000,000th mark for sponsering the pull. I think that is great so many people love and sponser pulling the way they do. If not we would not be here.
Our season has been bitter sweet. Meaning we've had some wins and lots of breakage, but all in all we had a fun season. We've met alot more friends throughout the pulling season too. We started out with the second pull in Tomah WS one of the biggest and best pulls and pulled a good enough pull for 1st. Georgetown brought us a win and Chapel Hill TN a 2nd. A few 4,5,6,7 place finishes too add to them also. Then last night brought the 5 best tractors. David was second hook. Beck pulled a 292 good enough for 4th. Then Dave pulled a 306.7, Esdon then pulled a 300. Burge a 302. That brought the last tractor up a green one to top it off. So it was up too green. He pulled a 290. So yes you guessed it that put David on top. He won the ENDERLE PULL!! So it was a sweet ending to a awesome year. Could not have asked for a better night.


Gene and Annie said...

Glad it ended on a good night even though it was cold!!

Danell Phillips said...

Wish we could of been there to witness the awesome win of the year, Congrats!!