Monday, October 29, 2007


So your all wondering why we bought a van with one child. More room might be the answer or Devin can now see all the animals and combines in the fields. Or maybe another baby is on the way. Well all are right answers. We are expecting our 2ND child in May. I guess we timed that one just right for me to be off all summer.
I am almost 12 weeks along and have had one heck of a time. I have been miserable compared to my first pregnancy. I've only went to the doctors once. So my next checkup is Nov 9. All the good stuff then. Maybe even the heartbeat.
I will keep everyone posted when we find out more. But don't ask what we are having because we like to keep it a surprise. You don't have very many surprises in life that are such a miracles anymore!!


Randi said...

CONGRATS!!! I'm sure Devin will make a awesome big brother! Do you know if they have replaced Kris yet with another mid-wife? She was so awesome!

Maybe it's a girl?

Allon & Amber said...

Amanda!! That's so great!! Could not be happier for you! CONGRATS!!!