Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowmobile ride with daddy!

Daddy took me on another snowmobile ride today. I had lots of fun besides getting all bundled up. Once I was outside I was fine. Mommy had to take lots of pictures. Go figure! Then we took off. We went all over the country side. Mommy was getting worried we were gone to long. I liked every minute of it. We even chased a deer yes a real live deer. That was really cool. Can't wait till daddy and I can bond again. Maybe next time mommy will take pictures with my helmet on.


Gene and Annie said...

He looks soo adorable!! I bet he just loved it!! I have never been on a snowmobile! I am sure I would love it!! I love all those adventure type things!! how are you feeling these days? hopefully not sick or anything! We are heading to Ohio the weekend after Christmas, so maybe we can see each other for a small bit!!

Kellie said...

HEY! It's so good to hear from you and of COURSE I rememebr you! I didn't know you guys had kids! Geesh, time flies when your having fun! And congrats on the new bundle of joy on the way! when are you due? DO you have a myspace too??? I have one and Im on there tons more.....

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