Saturday, January 12, 2008


This was taken 2 years ago Christmas of Grandma and Grandpa Siefert. What a Christmas that was. Little did we know that would be the last Christmas spent as a family. The following year G-pa went into the nursing home and G-ma could always be found right there by his side everyday. They were a couple of strong faith and strong commitment to each other. Grandma got sick with her heart and lungs in the middle of December. Although she lived a good many years making her grace and presence of God on this earth, she past on to be with him Dec 11, 2007. We miss her dearly. Only now was the real trial trying to keep grandpa healthy and strong to live on without her by his side everyday. We know she was always with him in spirit.
We all have been trying to keep G-pa up in his spirits. He has been battling his sickness(alzheimers) in the nursing home for 16 months now. He was always a jolly man with a great big grin on his face. It saddens me to say he got sick too and died from pneumonia on Jan 7, 2008. Almost a month from the day of G-ma Siefert's passing. We all know they wanted nothing more but to be together in good health. Bet in heaven they are up there smiling down on us playing cards with there friends and having fun together. David and I know we will meet with them one day again.
I can only hope this year will bring better days ahead for all of the Siefert family. 2 funerals in 1 month is very hard. Something nobody wants to go through. David went from having 4 grandparents to just 2 very quickly. As I always told him cherish your grandparents as you will never no when something can happen. I only have one living. We will always tell Devin how proud his Great G-ma and G-pa Siefert were of him. G-ma always said that if they were ornery you know they were always normal. Will in fact Devin is very normal cause he is always ornery. Next time I hope to write more of a upbeat post. This year can only get better. Especially with a new little one coming in only a few months.
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Danell Phillips said...

Did you actually write that? That was a tearjerker. I am glad I was able to know them cause they loved their family dearly. Now for a better year hopefully especially since the little one is on the way, hopefully it is a girl!!

Your big sis.