Saturday, February 23, 2008

2008 Louisville KY farm show

I have been slacking in the blogging world. Guess we all have been busy doing this and that. Last week was the annual Farm show down in KY. I blogged last year about it also. Devin and I were able to go for 5 days this year. We had a blast and Devin was great. He sure loves his tractor pulls. David pulled on Wed night. So Kathy, Devin, and I headed down Tues night after I got off work. The weather was horrible. I never have driven that far in weather like that. We finally arrived at the hotel about 12:30 am. Woke up the next morning to find out David had caught the flu Devin and I had earlier in the week. Good thing he did not pull till 7:30 that night. So we stayed in the room all afternoon till pull time. We were excited for his time to come. He was about the 5th hook in the class. The video is the winning run of the night(If it works blogger is not letting me publish it). He did so well you can hear Kathy and I in the background screaming go baby go yahoo. He did place 1st that night which advanced him in the finals on Sat night. So since nothing broke on the tractor we were able to enjoy some of the time down there and watch the pulls in the evening. The Burger boys came down to help with the tractor also. Devin was all excited to know Chad, Ryan, and Tom were coming.
Sat night came around and we were all tense and stressed cause of the lack of sleep we had. They take the top 6 tractors of the class. There were 3 green ones and 3 red ones. So the green had a chance after all. David was the 4th hook of the class. Of course the king of smoke was winning after his run of 235.88. Gettingers pulled next they are big buddies with us so we were cheering them on too. He went out of bounds which disqualified them. Next to pull was us. Nervous and excited we were to close to the track to even video so I did not get that run at all. He pulled and went just three feet shy of Esdon 232.19. That placed him in second. The pull was not over there were still 2 red tractors to go. They did not beat us so we were excited to know we placed in the finals also. They recognize the top three. So we went out on the track to except our award with David. He was being interviewed and told the announcer that the guillotine on the turbo went shut during the run which meant less air to the motor. Or we would have beat Esdon. Oh well better luck next time. We were all satisfied with 2nd place. Can't do much better than a 1st and 2nd .