Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bedroom ready!

I have been harping on David to get the room ready for both kids, since we only have two bedrooms. They will have to share a room till we get a bigger house someday. So for now somebody gave us a set of bunkbeds. The bottom is a full size bed and the top a twin. We already had a full mattress so we just need to get the twin. I took pictures of the final results. I think it looks pretty nice. My mom was so nice to order a bed set to match the room for the bunks. We changed the curtains and added curtains on my closet and rearranged. Chels, Dan and my mom helped me. I am thankful they were able to help. Now we will try the real test and put Devin in the bed at night. I will keep you updated on he sleeps at night!
I will also update this week on my doc appt. I start going every two weeks now. The Doc figured we would do a ultrasound cause I was measuring small. Hopefully the baby is just a petite little thing and everything is just fine. I am starting to get tired alot easier than before when I was pregnant. Now I have Devin to chase after too. Time does seem to be flying by.


Gene and Annie said...

Good job!! What a cute little bedroom they will have!! We want to get bunkbeds eventually too for both Grace's room and the boy's rooms. I think they are such a spacesaver!