Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby News

Went to the doctors last Thurs. Was there a little longer than we had anticipated. They did a ultrasound and found out that my amniotic fluid is low. Which protects the baby. Also means for a dry birth. I am a little scared now. The doc wants to induce labor on Fri. I will be 37 weeks by then which is term. The baby looked good and measured normal. Weighs around 5lbs 11oz. I hope all goes well and the baby is healthy. I have prepared this weekend to have a baby next weekend in my house.

My sister kindly took Devin for the weekend. That was the first weekend David and I were away from him more than 24 hours. It was kind of lonely without him. I did get alot accomplished. My mom and mother in law came and helped. So I did not have to over do it. The pics are of Devin's fun weekend with Dan Dan and Chels. By the looks of the pics he played at the mall and played guitar hero. I know he was spoiled rotten and well taken care of. I'm glad it worked out. I was really able to get alot done and prepare for the new baby.