Thursday, January 04, 2007

November (pics to remember)

My sister and I decided we would get the kids pics taken for christmas. So we were all excited. We even planned a month ahead of time too. So David, Devin and I packed up for the weekend and headed to Toledo. The kiddo's had a good time playing and taking baths together.
Well needless to say the pics weren't that great. Danell and I were very upset. We went to Moto Photo were the first pic was taken. The photographer was a weirdo and he took 125 photos and only about 2 turned out decent. We told them we would call them back and decide which ones we wanted.
By that time the kids were sleepy, hungry, and grump and so were we. So we went back home to Danell's. She then called Sears and got us in. So we stayed alittle longer than what we wanted.
About an hour later we loaded everyone back in the van. We never did get a good shot from sears either, but I thought it was kind of funny so I had to buy it.


Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

Wow! I check your blog pretty regularly but I hadn't been there in a while ..... all of sudden you have all these posts!! It was fun to catch up on your year and see all those adorable pictures of Devin!! The pictures from your trip in October look awesome!! You and your sister have such cute kids!! Thanks for all the comments on my blog, I appreciate them!