Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tomah WI, Tractor Pull

These are a few random pics of our trip to Tomah. We had a very successful trip up there. It took us 11 hours to get there but we finally made it. The kids slept most of the ride their and back. This was Aleyse's first trip out of Ohio. Many many more to come. David was suppost to pull on Fri evening but we got rained out. So our first pull was Sun afternoon. Their were 13 tractors in the class. We were about the 9th puller to pull. Nobody had a full pull till David came along. He had a repeat from last year. His first pull was 322. Full pull is 310. So he smoked it out the end. Then the last puller made a full pull. So that meant a pull off. Well needless to say we beat him by alot. So that made us the winners 2 years in a row. They always do a presentation to the winners, but there was rain coming. So I could not get pics of how proud we all were.
The kids were angels all weekend. I know for a fact they love tractor pulls already. Well at least Devin does for sure. Aleyse will in time.