Tuesday, June 17, 2008

T.P. time

Summer is here well almost. That means tractor pulling time. If you all know me well you know that we love tractor pulling!! Our first pull of the season was on Sat. It was in Wilmington OH. There were 11 tractors there and we got 5th place. Denny drove the tractor that was the first time in a year and 8 months since his chemo and surgery. We were all a little nervous and antsy for him, but he got the boost up and went. This also meant that this was Aleyse's first pull and long trip on the road. She weathered very well and even slept through papa's pull. She fell asleep at 10 and slept till 4:30. Considering it was a late night since the pull did not get over with till 12:00a.m. My family even came down to watch us pull. The kids had so much fun together. Now we will be gearin up for the big pull this weekend. It is in Tomah WS. Yes I will be taking both kiddos. When I go back to work I will not be going pullin. That means I will go to all I can since I'm still on maternity leave. Watch for the next post I will post a pic of Devin and Aleyse their first time pulling.

The picture of Devin(sitting by himself in the green chair) was how he was all day and night rooting on all the pullers. I think that picture is priceless.