Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dog Sitting

Not only do I have a 1 year old monster running around but 2 big (sometime lazy) dogs. I am dog sitting at my house since I can't get up and down the roads. All they do is lay around and sleep all day(except for last night they decided to play outside for 25mins before they came in and went to bed). Molly is our dog on the floor and Emmy is Denny and Kathy's on the chair. I wish I could say they would be home sooner to get Emmy but they won't! Great news though David pulled last night in KY and got third place. That is awesome!! You have to be invited to this pull and they were the only ones from Ohio to pull in there class. So they pull again on Sat night that is the finals. Good Luck Renegade Deere Pulling Team!!! Wish I could go to support them.


Danell Phillips said...

Go Uncie Dave Full Pull,Go Green all the way. Love, Cassie and Darren

Heather and Scott Karl said...

Hi Siefert's! We were wondering does Dave ever pull in Moline, IL (or close to there)? It would be a great to see you if you are going to be this far west in Illinois.

God Bless,

The Karls