Monday, February 19, 2007

4th place finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a great weekend. I was able to get off work on Sat and go with David to watch him pull. The pull started at 7:30. So we bundled up and took Devin with us too. It was a indoor pull at Louisville KY. It goes on for 4 days. Of the 26 years that I had been going pulling I had never went. It is a big deal down there. It is the best of the best cause you have to be invited.
So they pulled Wed night and David had gotten 3rd place. From there they only take the top 6. So they pulled again on Sat night. We left early in the morning on Sat. It was a 5 hour drive. We got there and the weather was kind of crappy. It was cold and snowy. So we went into the arena were the tractor was. It was weird being at a pull in the middle of winter. Knowing that I won't see smoke or that the tractors would be extra loud. Well it happened that they were the only green ones in the top 6 plus the only ones form Ohio. There were 5 IH's in the class then David. So needless to say all the green fans were rooting for Renegade Deere!! Go Green!! Boo Red!!
The top 4 had pulled then David came up next. They reconize the top 3 over all then. So he pulled and had went 223 and the leader was 233 so that put him in 3rd place. That left one more tractor to pull. A good one from TN. He ended up beating David by .8 feet. Kathy and I were screaming and yelling we were excited. He ended up 4th over all which is awesome. Considering that was the first time down there. This just makes me all the more excited for the summer!! Maybe that means some wins or 2nd or 3rd place finishes. Go Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Allon & Amber said...

That's awesome!! Great job David!! And how exciting that Devin can grow up around that and eventually do it too! What a fun hobby!! Go Green!!