Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stay at home mom for a week.

I quit my job last week. I have been unemployed, semi-retired for a week. I received a new job offer at another financial institution. I have been with First Citizens bank for 3 years now. I really enjoyed working there and made many new friends. I felt as though I could not have moved up the ladder plus I wanted better job security. I feel I will have it at the new bank. I am going to Sutton in Attica. I will have less hours but more pay. So that means I can work the beauty shop more.
I have enjoyed lounging in my pajama's every morning all week, but on the other hand my two men have both been sick. Devin has a ear infection, snotty nose, and bad cough. David got sick the night before last. He was throwing up and everything. Now he has a sore throat. I pray I will not get sick especially before my new job.
We actually our making plans to go somewhere before I start my new job. Not real sure what we are going to do, but we are thinking of going to a indoor water park just the 3 of us. I know Devin would love that. Will I better get back to taking care of my sick men. Hopefully they will be better before tomorrow so we can go somewhere.


Allon & Amber said...

That's great honey! So happy for you...less hours/more pay is a great deal!! Yeah!!

My brother-in-law and his family love the indoor water park up near Sandusky. They go all the time. That would be a great start to your new start!!