Thursday, June 14, 2007

tractor pulling time

I get really excited this time of the year. David is off on his first pull already. Good luck to him and his dad I hope they have a great year!!


Danell Phillips said...

Our favorite time of the year too!! Go Green!! Good luck Renegade Deere pulling team.

The Phillips

Danell Phillips said...

I like your new look!!

Allon & Amber said...

So cool!! And crazy how big tractor pulling is!! My dad actually saw David on TV down here in GA! He about had a heart attack when he saw David's name on the screen. It was when he was in KY. So he cheered him on during his pull!! Crazy huh? Good luck this year with that!!

Gene and Annie Luidhardt said...

I love all the latest pics! Devin is getting so big and he seems so close to his cousins which is neat!! hey, let us know if you are ever close to Indiana doing a tractor pull because we might be able to make it?? I would love to experience one because it seems so cool!! Let us know his schedule!!