Thursday, August 02, 2007

5 years (August 3 2007)

The years have gone by so fast. Fri is our 5th year anniversary. We are not celebrating big at all. Actually last weekend we went to the lake with our close friends and ate at Nagoya's. It is a Japenese steahouse. The food was a little different for David but the experience was awesome. The chef cooks right at your table. It is called a Hibachi table. I ordered Scallops!! The texture was like a cooked marshmellow. They did not taste much just did not like the texture. We had a great time laughing and eating all night. So that was our little celebration(65.00 for little).
Then we continued our stay at the lake. My aunt has a trailer up at Gem Beach. The next day we took the boat on the lake. At least tried to. It was a little rough. Then our boat shorted out and quit on us. We managed to get it back the dock and called it a weekend. Went home then decieded to go watch the tractor pull and see our little pride and joy. Devin!!


Danell Phillips said...

Happy Anniversary.

Love you big sis!!

Randi said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys look so handsome and happy:)

Gene and Annie said...

Happy anniversary!! We will be coming to Ohio the weekend of August 11th and 12th so if you are available we would love to see you!!

Allon & Amber said...

Happy Anniversary you two!! Great pic, I never got to see your wedding photos!! You both look great!! Hope you had a great weekend!!