Monday, August 27, 2007

Fort Recovery 8-24 and 8-25

I was able to get off work and go with the guys again. It was just Devin, David, Denny, and I. We had a great time as usual. They did well but did not bring home any 1st place. Maybe next weekend. The last pull is in Connersville IN.

Devin is such a pro at the pulls he even helps David out a little. Devin even met more friends he is a fellow competiters son. The other pic is of Devin eating in his travel high chair. Thank the lord for those. Not sure what I would do if we never would have had that. The other pic is before we even got ready for the day. He was being silly!!


Danell Phillips said...

How cute Devin. PULL PULL as Darren would say, hopefully we can make it to the last one, we'll see.

Aunt Danell

Gene and Annie said...

Is it Labor day weekend or the weekend after? Gene works Labor day weekend but we might be able to go if it is the next weekend! Devin seems like he is not going to be shy at all!! He is so cute!! I love the picture of him taking a bath in the cooler!! Priceless!