Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a weekend!

I could post all day about B.G.! The biggest and the best as I said last post.

We had a blast and David did do very well. We had a 3 week break due to the tractor being broke. So we were ready to go out and kick some butt. We did not win but did well. Fri night he was second to hook in the class and the first tractor went 298. David had a pull of 294 so we did not win but came in forth over all that night. The recogonize the top 5 so we got to go the winners circle. He even took Devin up with him. The pic is hard to see.

Sat we also pulled. We could not have prayed for better weather than what we had. It was a beautiful weekend. He had a decent run but not good enough for the winners circle again. Oh Well next year!?! We did get in the runnings for the pennzoil points race. We all got to go up and stand next to David as they presented him a check for placing fourth overall. Devin was not in the picture as he was sleeping. What a bummer! That was cool standing in front of everyone cheering for you. Go Green!

We had plenty of fun hanging out with the Burger family over the weekend. They are such a great help with Renegade Deere! Could not ask for better friends. Also all the memories we had with our pulling buddies. What a great organization to belong in. Can't wait for next year!! Only 2 more pulls for the season. Bummer :(


Liza said...

Congrats to you guys! The announcer in your pictures in the red shirt is my great uncle Harold Walliser. Glad you guys had a good weekend. We were thinking of you guys since we didn't make it up this year.